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  • If you don’t feel comfortable with your online experience make sure you talk to someone.


  • There are many sites which a user can go to for advice and there are always people to talk to.


  • If you can, be open to a friend or parent, they are always the most supportive.


  • Don't try to fight cyber bullies; you will only be encouraging their behaviour. Try to ignore them if you can, the more you can ignore it the more likely they'll lose interest.


  • Be conscious about the kinds of images you upload; they could fall into the wrong hands. This has become a common form of cyber-bullying now amongst young people in the UK. People can use explicit images to ruin someone’s social or professional life; it can be emotionally devastating long term. A good rule is to only upload pictures you’d be happy for your parents to see. 



  • This site has provided a long list of links of helpful sites and resources that you can go to for help - please check the 'LINKS' page for more. 


  • If you feel anyone is being weird with you or your friends; or if someone is bullying you on any networking/community website – contact the administrator of the chat area. If they don’t get back to you – you might want to think twice about using the site again.


  • If it’s really serious – like you think the person contacting you may be an adult who wants to abuse you or your mates, report the issue on this thinkuknow site using ClickCEOP.