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  • If you are currently being bullied, save all evidence you have. If you have nasty emails or things posted on your profile save them to your computer so you can use it as proof if further actions are necessary. Save texts or voicemails that say anything abusive.


  • Learn how to block the bully on IM or delete them from your contacts.


  • Try not to reply or retaliate to things they say or do; it might make the situation worse. If you don’t respond, they are more likely to lose interest and move on.


  • If you are being bullied through text messages, contact your service provider. Each network has a special area for this sort of problem. Check out their website or call them for advice or a free number change


Most social networking websites offer you the option on what information you can make private and what you can make public, make sure to look into them - whatever you post online will be there forever, be sure you have control over your own information and bear in mind that anything you post could be seen by your family, employers and teachers. Through these privacy options, you can easily monitor who can view your pages and so only your friends and family can view your profile. If you don’t, you can leave yourself open to bullies and hackers.