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If you notice a friend who you feel is leaving themselves vulnerable, you may wish to advise them about it and refer them to the 'LINKS' page for advice.


If the abuse is from an anonymous source, reassure them that this is common and known as “Trolling” and is not necessarily a personal attack. 


  • In extreme circumstances, if you know someone that is being cyberbullied or have seen hurtful profiles or messages circling around, the right thing to do would be to report it. Online abuse can be extremely scary for the person being bullied as the audience can be huge; loads of people could be seeing this abuse.


  • Report your findings to an adult you trust - such as a teacher - and they will be able to help offer support to the person who is being bullied.


  • Do not participate in forwarding pictures, messages or insults about a person. The joke may appear harmless, but you could be contributing to the damage and even commiting a crime.


  • Standing back and letting it happen can be just as bad. If you are worried that someone is getting threatened or hurt by others, offer them support or inform an adult you trust so they can help make it stop.


  • Always respect other people and be aware of what you’re sending and receiving whilst online.