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My name is Anthony and this website is about bringing Internet safety to the younger generation.


I've had my fair share of run-ins with hacking and viruses in the past; for example my personal Twitter account was hacked because I wasn’t paying much attention to my account security and accidentally gave someone my password. They then had access to my account and began to spam my friends and contacts.


When I was about 10 my family moved from dial up to broadband internet giving us more opportunities online. Being a child I wasn’t fully aware of what I was doing and unintentionally gave my computer details away to many people online, resulting in my computer slowing down and losing a lot of information. Luckily it was my computer and not my parents’ so there weren’t any bank details on the hard drive.


I’m here on this website to help others avoid getting into similar or worse situations. Having realized how easy it can be to lose control of your security I’m making this site to make people more aware. This website is to help you stay safe online.


Online safety can mean two things. One - being able to protect yourself against cyber hackers and be more aware of how your details can be stolen. And two - to explain what cyber bullying is and how best to deal with it, based on my personal experiences. Cyber bullying and internet safety can go hand in hand.  For example people can harass you through both text and cyberspace.

I run a growing YouTube channel, over there we have those who constructively criticise and those who “troll”. “Trolling" is pointless criticism. Usually just satirical and joking, some trolling goes as far as harassment. This is very prevalent on YouTube, where the largest audience is between 13 and 18. It is only a select few from this age group that make up a large percentage of cyber bullies, and often they don’t know what they are saying.


On occasions people make racial or homophobic slurs, using words that can offend a wide range of people. I’ve been called offensive names numerous times. I have experienced people using offensive terminology against my nationality, this is prevalent everywhere online. Sentences include “you British people should learn to talk properly”, “Brits are so ugly”, “All Americans are fat” and so on… This creates a bitter rivalry online between nationalities which usually develops into arguments over historical differences between two nations, and ends up with senseless name calling. 





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